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    Buffet Paradise


    Buffet Style

    Free Drink

    Live Kitchen

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    All you can eat and drink for 3hours

    Sun-Thu/ 3230yen(3550yen with tax)

    Fri・Sat・before holidays/3640yen(4000yen with tax)

    If you enter by 17:30,or after 20:00. 500 yen discount per person(two hour course)

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    Our store will make you feel as though
    you are in a resort hotel in a tropical island.

    There are seats for 2, 4, 6, or 8 people on the main floor.

    On the second floor, there are 8 private rooms for 6-8 people and a room for 20 people. Enjoy the luxurious space, while relaxing on sofas.

    《300 seats in total》With antique furniture, you can enjoy our spacious and exotic interior. The main floor is open plan with our live kitchen as a feature.


Buffet Paradise OTTO

Atmosphere of the shop

A 10m long “buffet counter” with more than 30 hors d’oeuvres!
Starting with our delicious meat dishes, we also have seafood, salads, and deserts!
We also have a paradise bar where you can select from over 40 drinks including draft beer, wine, and cocktails.
There are also our OTTO’s original cocktails using generous amounts of fruit to choose!
You can also eat as many deserts which our pâtissier made, and homemade gelato’s made with fresh fruits.









Food & Drink

The buffet counter always has over 30 dishes including appetizers, deserts, and gelato's.
The dishes change all the time, so you can enjoy different dishes no matter how many times you visit the buffet!
At the FOOD and LIVE kitchen, we offer you many bistro dishes ( roast beef, roast chicken, cauldron paella and so on).
We are also proud to make parfait dishes right in front of you in our live kitchen.
Give it a try!


Buffet Paradise OTTO

《OTTO is proud of it's live kitchen》
A bistro meat dish, cauldron paella, the chef’s special pasta, and so much more right in front of you!
“Freshly made, Dellicious, and Fun”
When the bell rings, go see the live kitchen!

《Check out OTTO's dolce kitchen》
The fragrant smell of fresh bread, home made gelato, hand made sweets and so much more.
“Happy, Fun, and Dellicious”
Our dolce will make you happy!
After you have a drink go to the dolce kitchen!